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  • Aknaf Salon Software is the complete salon software application that will help you run your salon or spa to increased profits with features like appointment book salon software, salon client management software, salon inventory software, salon marketing software and salon accounting software. This integrated solution is a complete answer to your needs because your front desk needs like appointment book, cash register functions and client management is integrated with inventory control, payroll, accounts payable and financials! Therefore you save time and money by not having to double enter information into two different systems. For instance all the commission that is automatically calculated for your employees will post over to the payroll program. Also all your sales information will post over to your financial reports including balance sheet and income statements! Aknaf Salon Software is the answer to your computer requirements!

    Automating your appointment book with Aknaf Salon Software will help you organize your employee schedules, expedite client check in and check out, and generate concise activity reports! Employee commissions are automatically calculated at check out. Client messages automatically pop up when the client checks in or out. Reordering inventory is also automated with built in purchase orders. You can also print work tickets with client history for your employees to know what to charge and give the best customer service possible! Save time and money with Aknaf Salon Software . Commission calculations, sales reports, client mailings, inventory reordering and financial statements are easy and fast with Aknaf Salon Software.

    Services can also be setup using different time of length, processing time and setup time for the appointment book making it easier to make appointment gaps for other appointments! These service can also be customized per each employee or technician. Many times your employees will have different scheduling and pricing needs. ADVANTAGE Hair Salon Software and Spa Software gives you that much needed flexibility without making the program difficult to learn or use! In Advantage Salon Software you have equal flexibility in setting up services that your employees perform. Each employee can have different pricing and commission on services. You can indicate what services an employee can perform and have variable time lengths for scheduling purposes. Payroll is calculated for you in the system based upon sales rung up in the POS system because each transaction is tracked to the technician. A built in time clock will track payroll for hourly workers as well. Multiple commission calculating methods work best because you will need to be flexible to keep good employee and booth renters at your business! More power for your investment Aknaf Hair Salon Software and Aknaf Spa Software is the right solution!

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