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    We have been using Salon Advantage for Two years and have been able to increase our productivity with the organization and speed that the software has provided. The program is great and easy to use. The support and service are quick and friendly, everyone is a pleasure to work with. The constant updates ensure that I have the latest in technology at my finger tips. I purchased a whole package and was up and running in a matter of minutes.  A great company and a great product. Now I can reach Specific target markets within my clientele to increasing my average customer receipt, for each season or service category. My clients love the fact that their whole history is at my finger tips to help them decide when their next service is due or product to buy. This has significantly increased my bottom line."  

    David B., Williamsville NY.

    I would like to mention here my experience with Aknaf software.  When we first started, I was little hesitant as to if my staff will be able to adjust to this new software.  To my surprise, they got used to the  new system in no time.  It is so easy to learn and set up.  I would also like to mention here that all this wouldn't have been possible without the  excellent customer service at Aknaf. 

    Words truly cannot explain how grateful and wonderful I feel and would definitely recommend this new system to everyone who is thinking of swithing to POS system. 

    I am so extremely thankful!"

    Ahmed Meghani

    Why I choose Advantage Salesware - By Horace White, FL

     When I first started to look at contact management/ sales automation software, I had criteria's that was necessary for me to purchase one.

    1. It must be affordable to the average person running a small business.
    2. It must be user friendly. This means it must be easy to figure out after a few hours of using.
    3. The fields must be customizable and should somewhat be conform to the way you work .
    4. There must be affordable and friendly support from the manufacturer.
    5. Many tasks should be automated which prevents you from reentering data.
    6. The company should always be looking for ways to improve the software.

    Only one company met all these requirements I have listed; the makers of Advantage sales software. From the first phone contact I had with them, they provided me with unlimited answers to my questions and spoke to me in a language that a non- computer pro could understand.

    Within the past 3 months I have downloaded and tried over 30 contact management / sales automation software. Many promised that theirs were the best investment I could make in my business. But after trying such popular ones, as - Act,Gold- mine, Maximizer, Upshot, Uptrend, Access, etc., I was very disappointed and discourage.

    Then one day while surfing the net I, discover Advantage sales software and I am fully satisfied and convinced that this is the best sales automation software I have ever seen. I am using it every day in my business, and it has been very friendly and easy to manipulate the way I work.

    To all those software companies out there; if you can create a software that meets these criteria's (especially for non-computer pro like me… the biggest buyers of software), you have done a terrific Job.

    Aknaf Software products are reliable software programs that are intuitive, easy to use and robust with all the features that I need for my business. Service is great they offer affordable support and maintenance plans that fit my budget and they provide exceptional support for my business with a toll free phone number. I have used them for over 6 years and the yearly updates have let my business grow with the software. I never have a wait time for support and the software really does not need support its so user friendly. If your in the market for business software please visit their website you can download and and use their programs free of charge for 30 days with no commitment.

     I had a good experiance with their technical support team, they where very helpful when i need assistance with my point of sale program that I purchased from them. The took extra steps to keep me satisfied after the purchase. Every day I find a new and valuable feature in the software that helps my business. I am glad I purchased from them.

    Aknaf Salon Software is Fantastic 5 Stars

    I purchased Aknaf Salon Software years ago and it has been a great asset to my business. You really need to use this program to really appreaciate the smoothness and ease of use. This application is powerful yet easy to use, with all the modern software features like right click on lists and undo buttons. No other program available has these features at the affordable pricing that Aknaf Software does.

    Super Service 5 Stars

    This company is very responsive, they where able to help me save my data files from my computer after it crashed. They help me get up and running on a new computer and move my data and programs from my old computer. thanks again.

    Powerful Capabilities 5 Stars

    I  bought the spa software 3 years ago and especially like the email appointment reminder features that help me keep in touch with my clients. The other good feature is the shortcut from the appointment book to ring out the sale in the point of sale screen. This program saves me about 3 hours a week in commission calculatons that incoporate product costing and variable commission rates per service. My employees like the professional reports that makes them feel like I am fair with my commission structure. All the marketing features helps me build my business. The interface is really user friendly and alot of my employees pick it up quickly.


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