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I do not think that anyone "needs" a home warranty. That being said, when I bought my first home it was great to have a home warranty. The couple that sold the house to us offered a year of HMS home warranty to us, and it was really great. We live in FL, so when our AC went out, it was a relief to know that we were covered. That being said, you need to really do your homework to know exactly what is covered by your warranty. You also need to keep up with regular maintenance for your appliances so that way they won't be considered "neglected" and that will not be covered by your warranty.

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Date Title Description
December 1, 2010 home warranty plans for rental property The contractor will tell you that it is 5,000 dollars.
November 28, 2010 home warranty insurance usaa Underlying problems with the system can also be responsible for compromised water flow.
November 23, 2010 2-10 home warranty roof coverage Not kidding, our experience with Fire and Ice Heating and Cooling was truly exceptional.
November 21, 2010 home warranty insurance for rental property The AC has been working perfectly since the repair.

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